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Hot Summer Days

Posted on June 23, 2015 at 9:50 AM Comments comments (0)

The days are getting hotter and that means changing out our home decor. We want a feeling of breezy easy days right? Nothing heavy in fabric choices no more leather or velvets (yes some folks still have victorian velvet sofas). Now we have to get our head in the game, light colors, floral, beach prints perhaps. Get the slip covers out and bring in the lightness of summer. Not able to slip cover? Purchase some large fluffy pillows that have that oh so comfortable stuffing, pillows you want to squish and fluff when sitting in your favorite comfy chair or couch. Change out the ottoman for a large put you feet up style, one you can also put a tray on for a cool glass of iced tea or lemonade. Change out the fireplace mantel with pitchers filled with just picked flowers, put a basket in the fireplace opening, perhaps a mirror to give reflection of the room, add brightly painted picture frames or a large basket of flowers to cover the deep dark hole where the fire was roaring during the cold winter. 

It's that time again to bring in the sunshine and the beautiful breezes. Lighten up the curtains with sheers and add gauzy drapes to doorway openings for a cool feeling when the air blows through your doorways. 

Remember to have fun this summer with your decor, there are no rules mix up prints of stripes, florals and dots. Stay cool and remember Lavender & Lace has fun finds everyday to add to your decor :)

Holiday Decorating Ideas

Posted on May 21, 2015 at 8:20 PM Comments comments (0)

Have fun and enjoy holidays look for unique and different things to use in your decor. Did you think of shopping at an anique shop for your decor?  

Celebrating this Memorial Day in style. Search out red white and blue linens, use a colorful vintage quilt for your tablecloth. Give your holiday table setting a patriotic flare. Use a vintage toy truck or red wagon for a table centerpiece it will look yummy filled with patriotic colored iced cupcakes with USA flags in the centers. I love to use child size items on my buffet tables. Find three small children wooden chairs in similar or varied heights and unite them with the same paint color. Place the chairs center stage on top of your buffet table the great thing about chairs is that it give you two display surfaces. Place your food platters on top of each seat and on the bottom between the chair legs place a basket with utencils, plates and condiments.

What else can you find in an antique shop to use for your holiday decorating? The obvious is dining sets and china cabinets to set up your room. Finding several small bistro sets can also be used in a room setting to accommodate larger groups. So many great items and by using them in different ways can be fun even before the party starts.

Colorful Days

Posted on March 9, 2015 at 4:20 PM Comments comments (0)

Getting ready to plan my outdoor spaces with flower pots overflowing with colors of purple, blues, pinks, reds and lovely yellows. For an uplifting feeling bright cheery colors does the trick and the wonderful fragrances from lavender and lilacs brings a scent of tranquility. Both welcomed and so overdue after this snowfilled winter.

As warmer temperatures are returning, I have been thinking of how wonderful it would be to see these beautiful colors of Springtime again. Colors surrounding my home and seeing them when looking out through every window. Hummingbirds are attracted to bright colors in a garden. Putting up birdhouses and birdfeeders are a wonderful way to bring the colorful little creatures come visit the garden again and again. A Butterfly Bush is a shrub that I would plant out by a bench so I can sit and enjoy the beautiful variety of butterflies it attracts. So it's time to get creative and let our green thumb show as well as beautiful colors of the season.

Don't have a green thumb, no problem Lavender & Lace has eyecatching art glass scupltures created by Artist Barb Ackerman (see our "shop" page). A grouping of these whimsy towers and flower artglass scupltures placed in your garden and flower beds catch the sunlight decorating your outdoor space in style. 

Home Sweet Home

Posted on February 18, 2015 at 6:45 PM Comments comments (0)

I have been taking a visual inventory of my home during these home bound snow days.

In my livingroom I recall the day I walked into Aunt Pittypats Parlour an antique shop in New Jersey. Aunt Pittypats was a unique shop filled with great period antiques in pristine condition. I saw this beautiful cherry wood glass front secretary desk and fell in love. Not only did the desk have a decorative finial top and glass doors but when I dropped down the slanted desk front it had several compartments on the inside. The compartments now hold my collection of tiny vintage china dogs, letters and old family photos.

My houses and it's decor has changed many times over the years but certain pieces are as timeless as that desk. Not only do certain furniture pieces bring back snapshots of memory but each item I find has a special story attached. As I walk around I can't help smiling cause when you surround your house with things you love your house becomes a home. 


Do you see what I see?

Posted on February 1, 2015 at 8:20 PM Comments comments (0)

This afternoon I was talking with my friends and I was so excited to show them my new find! It is an antique tin with a unique ornate impression. The old tin has patinated into a bronze and green taupe color over the peeling details which is now perfectly rustic and shabby. I love everything about it. I show the two ladies and to my surprise one friend also thought it was a wonderful find but should be painted white! My other friend thought it should be painted too and wasn't to impressed with it. Which brings me to my original question, do you see what I see? 

I think it is a good thing we all don't see things in the same way. I pictured this piece in my family room prominently displayed on a huge blank wall. It would be the perfect addition to my country french decor. The problem is the size of the tin, the scale is to small for the large blank wall. I have some ideas of how to accentuate it with possibly framing out the tin or create a stencil of the beautiful detailed design and paint it along the wall. Others may see nothing but a rusty tin where I see a beautiful antiqued accent to my room.

It is very popular today to find something and use it in another way in which it was intended when first made. Also, with the use of different paint techniques, furniture pieces found discarded on the side of a road or found at thrift shops has been transformed and reloved in another's home.

Shaking Off that "Cabin Fever" Feeling

Posted on January 19, 2015 at 9:40 PM Comments comments (0)

Cabin Fever getting to you yet? I have some steps to keep from getting that closed in feeling.

1. I like to bring in fresh flowers from the local supermarket. At the food store near my home they run a "Manager's Special" atleast once a week on flowers that have turned a little brown along the pedal's edges, the prices are usually slashed drastically. I just remove the brown pedals, cut the stems, add the perservative included in the bouquet and fresh water. Remember to remove any leaves that may be under the water. These bouquets are beautiful and last atleast a week or two more. Bringing in the wonderful flower scent and bright colors cheers up not only my mood but gives a different feel to the interior of the home.

2. Call a friend and have a lunch or dinner date. Getting out of the house even for just an hour for some girl talk changes the winter blahs to giggles and ahs. 

3. Browsing my favorite antique shops seeing new displays and holiday decorations is always a treat. Chatting with the merchant about what new trend will be coming in the new season. Sharing stories and memories is also fun.

4. As simple as purchasing a scented candle or fragrant soap that you may not have tried. A new scent can help remove the winter blahs. 

5. Take a walk around the neighborhood. Most of my neighbors decorated their front doors with pretty wreaths or signs.

6. Go to the library and pick up a book to read in your comfy chair with a soft throw on your lap.

What is the common thread in my steps to freeing the ho hums is to treat your scenses during the winter months. Enjoy a hot chocolate or fresh brewed coffee or tea. Something that says comfort to you is what will get you through these winter days till Spring refreshes our spirits a new.

Vintage Recipe Books

Posted on January 3, 2015 at 9:05 PM Comments comments (0)

I have been looking at some vintage recipe books in antique shops lately. Looking through the vintage cookbooks can help give some new ideas to the chicken, beef or fish dish that has been prepared the same way over and over and over again. Preparing a delicious meal each evening can be quite a challenge. My hats off to you gals and guys who can prepare a different delectable dish each time. If you get stumped and need to update the same old recipes check out some vintage cookbooks for inspiration. Giving a new bride or hostess a basket with some vintage recipe books and include a tasty treat from one of the recipes makes a great gift.

A year in review goodbye 2014

Posted on December 28, 2014 at 8:00 PM Comments comments (0)

Wow! where has the year gone to? Goodbye 2014 we had some wonderful times. I have met some fabulous new folks local and vacationers. We had successful fund raisers this year with our discount days for Cancer Awareness and Antiques Appraisal Show to benefit Alzheimer's Research. Our appraisal shows are always fun and prosperous thanks to Charlene Upham and Steve Blumenauer for donating their generous time and vast knowledge. Sale days, as our porch sales and dollar days, were also a big hit, as well as our frequent buyer card discounts (we all love to save $). We enjoyed our Fall Holiday Giveaways, Christmas Open House Celebration and thanks to over 500+ likes on our Facebook page we have made new friends too :). We welcomed new talented artists who brought their artistic creative works and new consignors and dealers who brought in great finds, some one of a kind pieces offered at fabulous prices. We now have two new decor ideas for the garden and bringing french style furnishings and accessories for you and gift giving. We look forward to another great year at Lavender & Lace Antiques and Gifts going on 8 years how awesome!

Welcome 2015, I am excited with the new road out front, bringing even more awareness and easy access to Lavender & Lace Antiques and Gifts. The wide flat gravel driveway looks great already and there is a lot more improvements in the new year to come. I am excited to implement some new ideas I have been thinking about for the shop. We have started some refurbishing of the outside with some new siding and painting. Planning a facelift for our bike this Spring too. So looking forward to a new year of happy surprises more great items, new and vintage, meeting new faces and welcoming back old ones :)

Heart Strings

Posted on December 6, 2014 at 9:15 PM Comments comments (0)

Vintage when I hear that word it just pulls at my heart strings. My heart flutters with a happy beat when I am in an antique shop. Just looking through the great finds that dealers stock their booths with makes my heart sing. It could be the happy feeling I get remembering a special time just by looking at a doll that I once owned as a little girl. I loved playing with my dolls, dressing them in different outfits or sitting them in my make believe classroom and teaching them the abc's.

Later in my life, as years have past, I enjoyed sharing my antiques with my granddaughter. She would love to come to my home line up her favorite dolls and teddy bears and we would have a tea party using an antique tea set of course. She also loved to hear me read stories from a victorian story book. I also had a great collection of vintage hats so she would dress up her dolls and pick just the right one for each. Those memories make me smile even today now that she is a teenager I would never trade those times.

I appreciate the care that someone took to keep safe a delicate figurine. I once purchased an antique print in a ornate frame tucked inside the box was a beautiful letter detailing the origin of the piece and a wonderful story about the former owner. The letter described why it was a present and who the recipient was and why it was such a special piece for years in his family. I was honored to own this print and it is one of my treasured pieces.

I get a kick out of the way some vintage pieces have been transformed, recycled and reinvented. It just shows that what's old is new again in a different form or purpose it was intended. Many young adults come into my shop and see pieces in a new way. I love that they are using the vintage pieces into their modern decor. Maybe years later they too will walk into an antique shop and get that tingly fluttering heart strings feeling ;)

Holiday Open House

Posted on November 18, 2014 at 5:50 PM Comments comments (0)

                Holiday Open House

            Saturday, November 29


              Sunday, November 30


      Enjoy refreshments and special savings!