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Posted on January 21, 2018 at 9:15 AM

I once had one of those home parties, this one was a home decor show. The instructor would bring in loads of paintings, accessories, florals, candles etc to use in home decorating. She would set up an easel and give some suggestions how to put a certain look together. It was a fun night for me and my friends and we would buy an item or two. When the evening was over the instructor asked if I would like to join her team. She said my home was lovely and I would be an asset to the company.  I said I am not an interior decorator, then she said something I never forgot. She said, "If I can put together my outfit for the day, I can decorate my home." That kind of stuck with me, I can certainly put together an outfit, match accessories, shoes, bag and even my makeup. Why not be able to decorate my home. 

I can count on one hand a person or two who couldn't coordinate their look. Even now when I redecorate my shop some folks are amazed how many times I can change up a vignette. The one thing I learned is to group items that compliment each other. For instance, if I am doing a sea themed vignette, I gather items that work together, fish sculpture, ocean paintings, sea shells, driftwood etc. It is fun to start building a design. I love mixing styles too, primitive decor with some farm country. Using an antique screened pie safe and adding some English Ironstone. An old sifter with some florals from the garden. A ceramic rooster sitting on top of a farm table.

We should not be intimidated by design but rather excited to show our personalities in our home. I do love interior designers who can put together a look from the ceiling to the floor. Example, a client asks for a home with a French Country feel. The designer has the ability to redesign or reconstruct a home that when you open your eyes upon completion you would think you are in the south of France. 

We are so lucky today to have wonderful publications, television programs and of course the world wide web to give us visual and turtorials on home design. 

When in doubt, remember, we too have the ability to dress ourselves and our homes in great style:)

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