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Posted on August 9, 2018 at 6:10 PM

Some questions folks ask me at the shop, if you have a question, please leave a message I will add it and my answer on this page. 

Q. How do I get a picture to hang level when it has two of those sawtooth hangers on the back?

A. I use this trick at the shop, tie a ribbon, cord or rope on the back from one sawtooth to the other creating a triangle then find the center and just one hook is needed.  

Q.  How do I display the items I collect?

A. Combine your collection with the same theme by grouping a collection it creates an interesting display. 

Q.Where do you find items for your store?

A. I love to hunt for unique finds throughout the US. Antique shops, yard sales and auctions.

Q. Any dealer secret to hunting a multi booth shop?

A. Some dealers collect and know a lot about one item, for example, a booth with large quanities of glassware indicates the dealer is educated about the glass they sell. But, dealers like to make the most of their booth space and other items are brought in. I find those items may be priced lower than their worth or it may be exactly an item I am looking for and has been over looked by other antique shoppers. So check out all booths.

Q. Do you have a special technique when you search for antiques?

A. I will walk through a shop or flea market and do a quick scan. Then I zero in when I see an item I am drawn to. I look above and below and never walk away when something may be hiding in a corner if it catches my eye, I will check it out. I also walk around two or three times and if I am interested in an item I will hold onto it while I am contemplating purchasing it. I learned the hard way don't put it down cause someone else will certainlly snatch it up.  Also, if you love it buy it!

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