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I am a Purist are you?

Posted on January 25, 2019 at 8:55 PM

I sat in my shop and kept looking at a primitive cabinet a consignor brought in. She said it was in a barn on her property. It's case was weathered with the original green paint and had faded mustard colored doors. I couldn't see someone else taking it home, I just knew it had to come home with me.

I had the perfect spot in my kitchen so I decided to buy it. I knew my husband would think I was crazy, we had a new home, why would I want to put this primitive old timeworn cabinet in it? Well the answer is easy I just loved it. So as soon as it was delivered to my home and my husband saw it his immediate reaction was what color should we paint it. I can't help it, married over 25 years and he still doesn't know me lol, I am a purist. What I mean by that is that I would not alter a piece, the way it is chippy, faded and dinged just adds to it's character. 

I know many of my customers are "purist" too. The dings and chips and weathered paint is what we love. I once had a cow planter it was chippy but still had alot of it's original paint and the best expressive face. I went to pick it up and move it from outside to bring it into the shop. It was so old that it was falling apart. The cute legs were hanging on and I had to make some repairs. Of course, I would never repaint it or touch anything to alter it's original state. I took it home tightened it all up and it was good as new. Well as good as new as in vintage bliss. Well a customer returned to the shop, while the piece was gone, she was so upset she loved it and came to purchase it. My employee was there that day and said it was being repaired. To the customer's distress she said "oh no she didn't repaint it!" You know I didn't. When I brought it back to the shop she was so happy it was now hers. The best part, the cow was going to a farm this woman owned "a steer farm" how appropriate. Another happy customer and a "puriest" like me lol 

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