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Is anyone home?

Posted on September 23, 2019 at 10:20 AM

Some people have no idea how to decorate their home. So they call in a design professional. Some people will copy a room exactly from a magazine or a furniture store display.  The one thing that is so noticible is that their house looked like a store's showroom. Yes, there was expensive rugs and custom drapery but no sign of life. Was there a couple or family that lived there? The answer is you would never have known. It lacked the cozy, comfy feeling you get when a house becomes a home.

How to cozy up that house, it is pretty easy. Add vibrant color, large soft pillows and a throw blanket on a ottoman or chair. Live near the beach bring in some seashells pile them in a wire basket or bowl. Next to the fireplace (even if it is a faux electric one) add some firewood in a bucket or basket by the fireside. Add flowers or live plants. Of course pictures of family or one of a favorite vacation spot adds life to a room. Soft lighting is important, add a dimmer to your electric lights, place fragrant candles in the room on the fireplace mantle or grouped on a table. I am always a fan of a vintage piece somewhere in the home. A vintage piece can make a statement in a foyer, a great color or shape or height. Soften the lines of hard edge furniture stack some books and place in a corner of a side table or coffee table. It is great to have a professional come in and design furniture placement in your room. Just remember to add your personal touch and your personality. Don't forget to bring the cozy, comfy lived in feeling to your home.

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