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Posted on April 3, 2020 at 6:10 PM

There is nothing like something old to give a space a brand new spin and add personality and style. Going through many of my home magazines I came across this sentence, "bring in something old so your space shows your personality". This sentence made me think, every piece of furntiure new and prestine can give a space a sterile atmosphere. New pieces arranged in a room doesn't especially show your particular personality.  Bringing in warm colors, comfy overstuffed sofa cushions in your decor can show a comfy side you have. On the other hand, a straight ladder back set of chairs can say I am in control with a stiff no noncense personality. That may seem a little far fetched but you get the idea how furniture or decor in a room can tell something about the person who lives there. 

A new spin in your decor can mean going out to a flea market or antique or salvage shop and finding something that can give your decor that surprise factor. Imagine you have a room that is very sophisticated, dark heavy wood pieces, marble statue bust on a pedistal. Now lets put a spin on that decor, maybe finding an abstract painting something unsuspected but shows your love of modern art. 

I blog alot about decor that gives the guest an inside look at the homeowner's personality. Bringing in pieces that speak volumes of your personality without saying a word. I once was at a home tour in Savannah, Georgia. This townhome's decor was amazing, the homeowner must have loved the ocean, it could have been on a beach but it was actually in the middle of the city. The thing that really caught my eye was a massive tall open door armoire painted dark blue. This huge piece had a variety of sea shells and one large pink coral sitting center stage on a middle shelf. The homeowner must have collected these shells on many beach walks. Here is the kicker, I looked down at the bottom of the piece and a leg was missing, but the piece stood up straight!  Well a small stack of beach themed books was holding it up right. Obviously, the homeowner had a fun loving quirky personality. Also, a person who is quite ingenious lol

When selecting furniture or just wanting to update your decor, find something that can show without words your personality. 

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